Why Johnny Depp would insist on DataRapt

Balancing control account made simple with DataRapt reconciliation tools

Watching a rerun of Pirates of the Caribbean recently made me reflect on how our business began.

Captain Jack Sparrow’s quirky comment “Why fight when you can negotiate?” reminded me of my thought process that resulted in the birth of DataRapt.

Let’s step back a couple of decades

Being a bit of a nomad at heart, I spent many years supporting customers throughout Africa. Support visits were always jam-packed. I recall my dismay when control account imbalances were on my list of things to do.

If I got lucky, I’d find the problem transactions quite quickly. More often, though, I would find myself close to the end of a visit, still wrestling with endless printouts, spreadsheets and blunt pencils!

Back home, I found that things weren’t too different. Many customers had similar problems and were struggling through heaps of data trying to resolve their differences.

The mind-numbing grind of manually looking for control account differences had to be overcome. There had to be a better way!

Passion becomes product

Just like Jack Sparrow, played by the talented Mr. Depp, I like to find solutions that help to simplify, without having to put in too much elbow grease. That’s why I love to code. Programmers see patterns and develop systems to manage those patterns. This way we don’t have to waste time doing it over and over again. Some call it lazy… we call it smart!

Thus began the development of the building blocks that would become the backbone of the DataRapt reconciliation product.

With each new problem encountered, my toolkit grew. Months later, the first prototype of the balancing utilities became a reality. Input from the rest of the DataRapt team contributed to rounding off a robust final product.

I have become so comfortable with the ease with which DataRapt identifies problems, that I had almost forgotten the frustration that gave rise to its existence.

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The rapid adoption of the product proved that I was not alone in my thinking.

Today over 200 customers in 29 countries are making use of our solutions.

Our tools not only save you hours but also pinpoint the cause of the problem.

I can only assume that, if you are still processing your control account manually, you have not yet seen our offering. I invite you to take us up on our offer of a free trial and see just how much time you can save.

In conclusion, my question to you, dear reader is “Why fight when you can automate?”

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