10 reasons why DataRapt is the balancing tool of choice for SYSPRO

DataRapt has been providing a balancing tool for SYSPRO since version 6.0 (and for every version since). Over the last 10 years it’s fair to say that there isn’t much that hasn’t been thrown at it and we’ve continually made improvements and refined it as and when new anomalies come along.  We’re confident that our balancing tool will find all the variances that make up any difference between your sub-ledgers and the General Ledger. But, if there’s an oddity we haven’t previously come across, we’ll investigate and make sure it’s catered for. It’s for this reason that companies around the world have come to rely on DataRapt to keep their sub-ledgers in balance to their general ledgers whatever version of SYSPRO they are running.

This doesn’t have to be a time consuming task as the recons can be automated to run unattended and for responsible people to be emailed the latest results, helping you to keep on top of the task of balancing, which can otherwise be laborious and labor intensive. We’ll even give you information on each variance identified, helping you to resolve it.

Here are 10 reasons why our customers love DataRapt:

  1. DataRapt identifies all the variances making up the difference between the sub-ledger and the General Ledger.
  2. DataRapt doesn’t rely on stored ‘buckets’ for the sub-ledger balances instead they are recalculated ensuring their accuracy (particularly in prior periods).
  3. Using DataRapt, you can balance as far back as the first period of the previous financial year. The exceptions to this are Assets (only the current financial year) and Inventory (only 12 financial periods).
  4. DataRapt offers balancing utilities for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Assets, Cash Book, Dispatch Notes, Inventory, GRN Suspense, Goods in Transit, Work in Progress and WIP Inspection as well as a GL Reconciliation tool.
  5. DataRapt enables you to balance a range of periods at a time.
  6. DataRapt’s ‘Reconciliations at a Glance’ program shows you the balances from all of its reconciliations on a single screen. From there you can run the individual reconciliations to investigate any imbalances.
  7. DataRapt’s ‘What Next?’ facility provides insight into what may have caused a variance and offers suggestions to resolve it.
  8. Because DataRapt’s balancing utilities are an interactive application, you can:
    • launch the programs needed to correct the variance directly from the ‘What Next?’ facility and then immediately refresh the data to see the effect.
    • use the contra facility to de-clutter the reconciliation so you can focus on what requires your attention.
    • drill down to variances at a control account level.
    • exclude control accounts per operator so that if your operators are responsible for reconciling only certain control accounts they only see those.
    • see which banks, branches and warehouses update which control accounts.
    • capture notes against a variance, a financial period or for the module itself.
    • zoom on the source journal from the individual variance.
  9. DataRapt has written a data extract to facilitate investigation of specific problems. The extract (which for confidentiality anonymizes the data) has been designed to create an extremely space efficient data file that is usually small enough to email to us. This innovative extract allows us to offer a quick turnaround to support queries from our resellers and customers.
  10. DataRapt has been providing balancing tools for over 10 years to companies in 29 countries.

And 1 more

  1. DataRapt’s products are very stable; in fact across all the released versions of our products we have encountered and corrected fewer than 0.5 bugs per 1000 lines of code.

If the reasons above are not convincing enough, why not watch our video demonstration and sign up for a free trial?

How the DataRapt free trial works:

  1. Complete the form to request a free trial
  2. Follow the instructions we send you to install the software (this can also be done by your DataRapt reseller)
  3. Send us an activation request file so that we can generate you a trial key
  4. Apply the trial key and you have 7 days to use and evaluate the system

Licensing the product

If you decide that you’d like to purchase a license, you have the option to purchase a standard license (which like SYSPRO’s licensing has an Initial License Fee and Annual License Fee portion, the ALF being payable annually) or rent it over a period of time.

Our 6-month rental license is the more economical choice for any period up to 3 years. If you opt to purchase two 6-month rental licenses up front, we give you a 10% discount.

For any period longer than 3 years our standard licensing model makes more sense. If you are renting the product and feel that you would be better off on our standard license, we will refund your spend on your current 6-month rental license when you convert to the standard license.

Product Support

Experience tells us that DataRapt requires very little support but if you do require some help, your DataRapt Reseller will be your first line of support. We’re always here to provide assistance though, should you or your DataRapt Reseller need to escalate a support query to us. As we’ve already mentioned, if we need to look at your data in order to answer a query, our data extract really helps us to drill down into the data to find and respond to customer specific queries with a fast turnaround time.

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