Product FAQs

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What about SYSPRO 6.1 and real-time GL integration?

DataRapt reconciliations identify the individual variances that make up any difference between a SYSPRO sub-ledger balance and the balances of the GL control accounts for the sub-ledger. These variances can be caused by: entries not yet posted to the GL (such as unprinted journals and distribution reports), user error (like incorrect GL integration entries or selection of control accounts when capturing distribution entries), data corruption due to hardware/network problems, or SYSPRO program errors.

Depending on how you choose to run the real-time GL integration, it could alleviate variances caused by entries not yet posted to the GL but all of the other types of variances will be unaffected by real-time GL integration.

So, the DataRapt reconciliations will continue to provide the most efficient method of validating your control accounts and the peace of mind that your financial reporting is based on accurate figures.

Is there an evaluation version of the Sub-Ledger Reconciliations?

Yes, we offer a free 7 day trial license that allows you to see the reconciliations running on your own data.

How do I get the software?

You can either contact your VAR or contact us directly to arrange the installation. Once the software is installed, you can request a 7 day activation key from within the product.

Is there a way to see the product working without requesting an activation key?

Yes, you can run the product without an activation key on The OUTDOORS Company if you have the sample demo data as distributed by SYSPRO (Pty) Ltd installed.

How are the Sub-Ledger Reconciliations priced?

The pricing is based on the number of Users licensed to run SYSPRO.

What are my licensing options?

You can either purchase a license to run the software and then pay an Annual License Fee that covers ongoing development or alternatively, you can choose a six monthly rental license.

I don’t have all of the modules included in the Sub-Ledger Reconciliation bundle; do I have to purchase all of the reconciliations?

No, you can purchase reconciliations just for the modules that you run. However, this option is not available if you opt for a rental license.

Is the cost of a license per SYSPRO company or is it per server?

The cost of a license is per server and therefore the reconciliations can be run on any SYSPRO company running on that server. If you have SYSPRO companies running on more than one server though you will need to purchase a separate license for each additional server.

On which SYSPRO versions do the reconciliations run?

The Sub-Ledger Reconciliations can be run on SYSPRO Version 6.0 Issue 010 SP1 and later.

On which platforms does the software run?

The software currently runs on Windows platforms only. Please do contact us though if you require the software on Unix.

How do I get software updates?

Once the software is installed, updates can either be obtained from your VAR or you can download updates directly from our web site once you have registered for access to our Support Site.

Is there documentation to help me install and run the product?

In addition to the context sensitive help distributed with the product, there is an installation guide and detailed reference guides per reconciliation. The installation and reference guides can be downloaded from our Support Site.