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Sub-Ledger Reconciliation


  • At-a-glance balance check
  • Auto notification if out of balance
  • Balancing for a range of periods
  • Insight into likely cause
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Meet the executive team

John Clatworthy

John has 25 years’ experience developing SYSPRO related software including 15 years spent at SYSPRO. He held a number of positions at SYSPRO including Program Manager, Manufacturing Product Manager and Quality Director. He’s an avid supporter of motor racing especially motorbike racing and also enjoys riding his own motorbike and playing golf. You can reach John at

Rebecca Clatworthy

Rebecca looks after all things admin at DataRapt. She is also generally the first point of contact for any queries from customers and partners. When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, walking in the countryside and is a volunteer driver for a local charity. You can reach Rebecca at

Michelle Botha

The combination of Michelle's wide experience in product support and a strong accounting background came together to ignite the idea of automating the onerous task of balancing control accounts. The rest is history. You can reach Michelle at

Deon Botha

As our resident Chartered Accountant, Deon ensures that all DataRapt products remain aligned to accepted accounting principles. Deon's quirky sense of humor helps the rest of the team to retain their sanity when the pressure is on. You can reach Deon at

Our customers say the nicest things...
Our customer had spent a huge amount of time trying to identify what had caused a 500k imbalance. We loaded DataRapt and the minute we refreshed it came up and showed us the THREE transactions that were the issue! It was spectacular!
Vivien Griffith, iPlan
With DataRapt you can save a lot of time and effort as it helps to identify where the error was made and it walks you through the process of correcting the error.
"I don’t know how we managed to reconcile control accounts (especially WIP) before we started on DataRapt."
Mike Carroll, Stalcor
"I would say that DataRapt is a very important tool. Its importance, in the context of SYSPRO, cannot be overstated. We usually have issues of data not moving to GL and because of DataRapt, we are able to identify the issues very quickly and initiate necessary action. We cannot imagine SYSPRO without DataRapt."
Santosh Gumte , Sadolin Paints (u) Ltd
"DataRapt also helps with educating users out of making errors such as incorrect and partial postings. I'd recommend this software utility to be used with all ERP implementations as it boosts the value of the system."
"I’ve been using Datarapt for about a year now and find it a very useful and user friendly product to use. Since using it I’ve been able to identify issues / problems early and resolve them in an efficient manner. It has made my experience with SYSPRO that much more comfortable especially when it comes to month end reporting and reconciliations of the GL to the sub-modules. I recommend it to SYSPRO 6.1 users."
"The ability to balance Syspro’s ledger to sub ledger has always been problematic until we were exposed to DataRapt. Not only is the product great at telling you where the problem occurs but it also gives you some troubleshooting tasks to resolve them. The service levels maintained by the employees at DataRapt marry the product and are some of the highest I have ever experienced in the IT industry. Day or night someone will always assist you."
"Prepayment balances are now supported by a detailed sub-module."
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