DataRapt for SYSPRO 8

In line with our commitment to protect our customers’ investment by keeping our products fully compatible with SYSPRO’s latest product offering, we are pleased to announce that DataRapt for SYSPRO 8 was released soon after SYSPRO made available its Head Start Program.

As with SYSPRO, DataRapt for SYSPRO 8 is a SQL only environment and no longer uses any ISAM files.

Whether you are currently running DataRapt on SYSPRO 6.0, 6.1 or 7, you can upgrade to DataRapt for SYSPRO 8 from any previous version of DataRapt without the need to upgrade DataRapt to SYSPRO 7 Update 1 first.

To upgrade DataRapt from a previous version of SYSPRO simply follow these steps, which would be performed after upgrading the SYSPRO installation to SYSPRO 8:

  • Download and install the DataRapt build for SYSPRO 8.
  • Run a small conversion program on each SYSPRO company using DataRapt.
  • Once the product is installed and converted, send us an activation request file so that we can generate new DataRapt Activation Keys for use with SYSPRO 8.

An Installation Guide is available for download with detailed instructions covering both new installations and upgrading DataRapt from a previous version of SYSPRO.