DataRapt Product Assurance Model

Product-assurance-modelNow that you’ve heard good things about DataRapt’s balancing tools, you’re probably wanting to see how they can help you. While we offer DataRapt product demonstrations online, we understand that the very best way to evaluate any tool is to use it yourself in your specific environment. We don’t ever want a paying customer to feel that they’re not benefiting from our products, so we’ve made it easy for you to properly explore and evaluate them at your convenience and using your own data.

There are three ways to go about ensuring DataRapt is a great fit for your company:

  • The ‘7-day free trial’ which (as the name suggests) gives you 7 days full access to the product. The only minor limitation of this activation key is that it restricts the product to the SYSPRO’s ‘current’ and ‘previous 1’ financial periods.
  • If you’ve established that you would benefit from our tools but believe that it may only be a relatively short term requirement, we offer a 6-month rental license. In fact, this is the more economical licensing option for any period up to 3 years. And, should you license the product for a year by buying two 6 month rental licenses up front, there’s a 10% discount.
  • For any period longer than 3 years, licensing the product on 6-month rental licenses becomes quite a bit more expensive than our standard licensing model. So, if you’ve rented the product and feel that you would be better off on our standard license, we offer your money back on the 6-month rental license if you convert to the standard license.


We’re really confident that you will find value in our products and that’s why we want to encourage you to try them out & see for yourself. Go ahead & request a free trial today!

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