Why DataRapt Supplier Prepayments?

  1. DataRapt’s Supplier Prepayments system ensures tight control over prepayments to suppliers and provides complete visibility of prepayments and related transactions.
  2. DataRapt enables you to automatically post all your prepayments to a single prepayment control account or alternatively define prepayment control accounts by branch or currency.
  3. Using DataRapt you can be prompted to capture a prepayment when a purchase order is created or a supplier’s invoice is registered.
  4. DataRapt allows you to set up prepayment filters so that you are only prompted to capture a prepayment when user defined criteria are met.
  5. DataRapt enables you to enforce a link between a prepayment and a purchase order, purchase order line or registered invoice.
  6. With DataRapt you can ensure that the prepayment value does not exceed the net amount of the purchase order, purchase order line or registered invoice to which the prepayment is linked.
  7. With DataRapt, prepayments can be processed against any payment type, including system checks and EFT payments.
  8. Using DataRapt you can be prompted to match a prepayment to the supplier’s invoice when it is captured or approved.
  9. With DataRapt, supplier invoices matched against prepayments in error can be unmatched in a single step.
  10. DataRapt provides a comprehensive prepayment query, which includes filters by financial period, branch, supplier and prepayment status.
  11. DataRapt’s prepayment query enables you to query detailed transactions making up the control account balance(s).
  12. DataRapt’s system is quickly implemented with a take-on program, which transfers your current negative balance invoices to DataRapt’s Supplier Prepayments system.