DataRapt Celebrating 10 Years of Quality Software Development

This year sees DataRapt Limited celebrating ten years in business.

The company was started in 2007 by John Clatworthy intent on providing quality software products ancillary to SYSPRO’s ERP offering. Around the same time, Michelle Botha was providing independent SYSPRO support and had developed a toolbox to help with perennial sub-ledger to control account balancing problems. Realising that the toolbox would benefit greatly by being redeveloped using the same tools that SYSPRO use, they combined their expertise and experience, and DataRapt’s Sub-Ledger Reconciliation Utilities were produced.

Software development takes time, so the first year was dedicated to development and thorough testing.  There was much excitement with the first real implementation of our product in 2008 and by 2009 we had already signed up our first 10 customers.

Of course, software development is an evolution.  While continually optimising the existing software, we continued to ensure our products kept up with SYSPRO Software releases and even found some time to start working on new products.

By 2011 we had signed up our first 50 customers and word of mouth took over as our strongest marketing asset. In the same year, we released our newest product offerings, Supplier Prepayments, and General Ledger Reconciliation. The positive feedback received from clients, together with an increased product offering translated to a far shorter time to sign up the next 50 customers.  We welcomed our 100th customer just 11 months after concluding our 50th customer sale.

Our base has continued to grow and we now boast over 200 customers across 29 countries.

Naturally, we are very proud of our achievement, but we are abundantly aware that we did not achieve this alone.

We have been privileged to work with a market leader in ERP software development, SYSPRO (Pty) Ltd.  In addition, our reseller base has helped to spread the word of how our products can save time and boost productivity. Last, but definitely not least, our customers have not only contributed to our growth but have been an incredible source of ‘from the trenches’ feedback that assists us in incorporating more and more useful features into the product.

DataRapt Milestones

DataRapt Milestones

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  1. Congratulations DataRapt on an incredible first ten years. Here’s to the next phenomenal innings!

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